High-speed separable shielded GPR antenna solution

ImpulseRadar is proud to present Raptor, a modern GPR antenna solution that consists of a separable transmitter and digital receiver that form an adaptable self-contained radar system built on the latest Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology.

Since the transmitting antenna element (Tx) is separable from the  digital receiver element (Rx), Raptor is an extremely versatile  separable shielded GPR antenna solution.

A Raptor Antenna can be arranged in different ways, which allows for both standard and more advanced GPR measurements. These include common mid-point (CMP), wide angle reflection and refraction (WARR) and Tomography.

Raptor-45 Transmitter (Tx)¹

Raptor-45 Receiver (Rx)

High Speed 3D GPR Array

Raptor can be configured as a state-of-the-art 3D GPR Array solution to enable very fast collection of 3D GPR data at speeds in excess of 130 km/hr. @ 5 cm point intervals. Conventional systems typically operate at no more than 30 km/hr., with the same settings.

Raptor is arguably the best 3D GPR Array available today

Speed Range

Nowadays, vehicles are commonly used to facilitate GPR surveys, even over rough terrain. Raptor is fast and easily operates at a level to match vehicle survey speed, ensuring high density of data for optimum results.

Positioning Accuracy

Raptor accurately synchronizes all collected radar data with corresponding GPS coordinates through a unique dual-GPS process to give the highest possible data quality and positional accuracy to a precision of 1 millisecond.

Efficient Subsurface Mapping

Designed with simplicity in mind, Raptor will help you achieve maximum productivity and optimum results. The unique design allows antennas to be configured quickly, easily and expanded as needed. The density of collected data means that a single pass is all that is needed to obtain high quality 3D information of the line surveyed. Combined with the synchronization of accurate positional data, each survey line, or ‘swath’, can be precisely aligned to adjacent swaths. This optimises the data gathering process for efficient subsurface mapping.

Carrier Solutions

Carrier solutions are available for two of the most common Raptor configurations, namely push cart and vehicle mount. Expand the sections below for further details

Raptor carrier solutions can be supplied with either our standard colour scheme and markings, or provided blank/plain. This gives you the option to affix your own safety markings to comply with national and or local regulations in accordance with the systems use.

Raptor can be configured with up to 30-channels based on your application or project, so please consult with our technical services team for design advice related to custom-made carrier solutions.

Raptor Vehicle Mount

Designed to be fitted to the tow ball/hitch of a suitable survey vehicle, which allows the arrangement of up to 18-channels with a total width of 1.7 m.

Raptor Push Cart

Designed to be manually pushed across the survey area, which allows the arrangement of up to 8-channels with a total width of 0.9 m.  The handle assembly is fully foldable to reduce the physical footprint, making transportation and storage much more efficient. The complete assembly can be moved easily from site to site and can even fit into the boot space of a standard estate-car/station-wagon.

Raptor Antenna Specification Comparison

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