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PinPointR – New GPR Utility Locator Solution

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ImpulseRadar, one of the World’s fastest growing ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology companies is proud to announce the launch of the ImpulseRadar PinPointR, a dedicated GPR utility locator instrument. The PinPointR has been developed to maximize in-field productivity by utilizing ImpulseRadar’s innovative real-time sampling (RTS) dual-channel antenna technology, which provides incredible bandwidth, speed, and resolution, all controlled via an intuitive Android-driven user interface.

Whether you are new to GPR or a seasoned operator, PinPointR offers a clear and dependable way to quickly and easily locate, avoid or map underground utilities with the functionality required to meet approved industry standards, whilst offering market-leading performance and data quality. The enhanced bandwidth of the PinPointR antenna provides resolution beyond that of any single-channel GPR system for the detection of near-surface utility targets and other internal reflectors of interest, as well as deeper utility targets with maximum depth penetration. PinPointR can be controlled wirelessly from either a smartphone or ruggedized tablet via an easy-to-use Android-driven user interface.

“We have an innate understanding of our customers’ requirements”, says Tommy Leijon, CEO of ImpulseRadar. “The key to maximizing in-field productivity is to give our users the features and functionality they use day to day in real-world scenarios. Consequently, PinPointR offers complete flexibility for collecting either single line profiles, or multi-line projects with user-defined lengths and profile spacing to suit actual site conditions and specific utility locate objectives.”

The PinPointR is built around ImpulseRadar’s innovative dual-channel RTS-based antenna technology to optimize depth penetration and detection capabilities with maximum resolution. Furthermore, the Android data acquisition App includes industry standard marker functionality (APWA, AS5488, or user-defined) to enable users to mark-up data in the field to correlate with the actual paint marks they put on the ground and any subsequent field sketches or report outputs. PinPointR includes in-built GPS and supports external GPS for enhanced geo-referencing of collected GPR data. For users who wish to post-process data, PinPointR files (including markers) can be imported into the ImpulseRadar CrossPoint software for processing, visualization, analysis, and export to CAD, GIS, and Google formats.

The ImpulseRadar PinPointR is the latest addition to ImpulseRadar’s impressive line-up of GPR solutions, including the ImpulseRadar CrossOver series of dual-channel 2D antennas and the ImpulseRadar Raptor 3D GPR Array solution.

Visit the PinPointR product page to learn more.

Launch of Raptor-80 Antenna

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ImpulseRadar announces the launch of its second offering in the Raptor GPR antenna series. The Raptor-80, with a center-frequency of 800 MHz, consists of a separable transmitter and digital receiver that form an adaptable self-contained radar system built on the latest Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology.

Raptor Antennas are particularly useful for more advanced measurements due to the very precise and near identical signal response (or signature) that each produces. As standalone systems, Raptor antennas can be used in very close proximity to other Raptor antennas and when connected through a suitable digital switch, multiple Raptor antennas can be operated together in a very precise way to gather very dense (3D) GPR data.

Raptor-80 offers extremely high-resolution results for shallower measurements in application areas such as concrete, bridge-deck and road investigations.

 Learn more on the Raptor product page.

CrossOver Single-Channel Option

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You asked for it, we listened!

We are pleased to announce that our CrossOver series of dual-channel antennas are now available as a single-channel option. This offers you more flexibility to meet application needs or budget constraints, whilst still giving you access to our cutting-edge GPR technology. We offer the unique ability to upgrade such single-channel antennas to full dual-channel configurations later, via remote activation.

Visit the CrossOver product page to learn more.

Launch of CrossPoint Visualisation Software

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ImpulseRadar announces the launch of CrossPoint, the new visualization software for processing, interpretation and analysis of ground penetrating radar data.

CrossPoint offers a practical approach to managing single or multi-line data sets, including online map support, for efficient subsurface mapping.

Designed primarily to support the CrossOver series of dual-channel antennas, CrossPoint also supports Raptor data files, as well as some third-party GPR file formats.

The user-friendly interface provides effective tools for filter assignment and data processing, marking points of interest within radar profiles, visualising markers on support maps, and exporting markers for geo-referencing within suitable CAD/GIS platforms.

Learn more on our Software page

Launch of CrossOver CO730 Antenna

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ImpulseRadar announces the launch of its third offering in the CrossOver dual-channel 2D GPR series. The CrossOver CO730 antenna incorporates two channels with ultra-wide band frequencies centred around 70 MHz and 300 MHz making it ideally suited for GPR applications requiring deeper penetration. The extra-large bandwidth offers exceptional dynamic range for maximum signal penetration, data clarity and quality. The CrossOver series is based on ImpulseRadar’s state-of-the -art Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology.

Learn more on our CrossOver product page.