An “All-In” Approach For 3D Utility Investigations

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The following excerpts are from an article that was originally published in the 2019 Special Locate Issue of Damage Prevention Professional (DP-Pro).

IT IS PROVEN that on large infrastructure projects utilities are almost always at or near the top of the list in terms of cost overruns and delays to project schedules. It is well documented that the SUE process conducted in adherence of ASCE 38-02 prevents cost overruns and many articles and reports are available supporting this assertion.

Given the overwhelming compilation of data since the inception of the SUE profession and implementation in early 2000, it is hard to fathom that the methodical approach is not universal…

Increasingly, SUE providers are delivering a 3D product as advancements in hardware and software are constantly improving. For example, the use of 3D GPR arrays is gaining traction and it is proven that these systems with their respective robust processing software provide the most accurate depth information relative to the complementary methods for SUE. These systems are becoming more affordable and easier to handle in the field and can now survey at posted highway speed limits for the first time. However, it is important to understand that for 3D SUE investigations now and into the future, the final product will always be the integration of all information obtained through the investigation and that includes QLD through QLA.

Recent studies indicate that using 3D SUE reduces the number of test holes substantially. In some cases, this was as high as 80% (Feasibility of Mapping and Marking Underground Utilities by State Transportation Departments FHWA-HRT-16-019, 2018). This is a direct result of having better preliminary spatial awareness of conflicts so that a more focused test hole program can be implemented.

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GEOGIGA SF Imager – Now Supports ImpulseRadar Data Format

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Geogiga SF Imager 9.0 — Optimum Offset Reflection / GPR Data Processing Software

SF IMAGER, from Geogiga Technology Corp., is mainly used to process optimum offset seismic reflection data. It provides filtering, random noise attenuation, and deconvolution to improve the S/N ratio. You can import or pick velocities, migrate the time section, and generate a depth profile.

SF IMAGER can also be used to process ground penetrating radar (GPR) data and now supports ImpulseRadar ‘.iprb’ and ‘.iprh’ data files.

ImpulseRadar to Open New Office in Sweden

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ImpulseRadar is pleased to announce that from 1st February 2019, we will be opening a new office in the town of Umeå, Sweden.

As the regional centre of northern Sweden, Umeå is a key transportation hub, but also an important university town renowned as a centre of education and technical research. Having a presence at this location enables us to leverage the excellent pipeline of talent from which to recruit from to enhance our organisational capabilities and continued growth.

ImpulseRadar Fastest Growing Company in Northern Sweden

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It is our pleasure to announce that ImpulseRadar has been awarded the fastest growing company in the north of Sweden for 2018.

The award ceremony was held at the Governor’s residence in Umeå, the regional centre of northern Sweden, and was attended by Tommy Leijon and Bernth Johansson, CEO and CTO of ImpulseRadar respectively.

Our team has put in a tremendous amount of hard work to bring innovative GPR solutions to market in such a short time frame and to establish ImpulseRadar as a reputable international brand”, says Tommy Leijon.

“We are proud that these efforts have helped us grow the company so quickly and for these efforts to be formally recognized. We are lucky to be part of such a supportive community and extend our thanks to our growing base of loyal customers, without whom this would not be possible. This award will only serve to motivate us further and we look forward to continuing our rapid growth through our international expansion strategy in 2019 and beyond.”

New Distribution Partner for Raptor in Key European Markets

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ImpulseRadar is pleased to announce the appointment of a new distribution partner for Raptor in key European markets.

ImpulseRadar announces the immediate appointment of Allied Associates Geophysical Ltd., and Allied Associates Geophysical GmbH, as sole distribution partner for Raptor in the United Kingdom and Germany respectively. Consistent with our international growth strategy, this will increase our geographic reach and provide access to new markets, whilst helping us to acquire new customers and develop new revenue streams.

With their expertise in GPR and strong presence in their respective markets, Allied Associates Geophysical provides ImpulseRadar the opportunity to reach new customers via their extensive client base and to leverage the expansion of the array sector across Europe,” says Tommy Leijon, CEO, ImpulseRadar.

Allied Associates Geophysical are a leading European supplier of GPR instruments and other geophysical technologies for investigative applications related to Archaeology, Civil Engineering, Environmental, Geophysics, NDT and Utilities. They have a wealth of experience with the necessary expertise and resources to support the effective marketing, sales, and support of Raptor.

We see Raptor complementing our existing product offering and adding value to what we provide to our current user base,” says Norman Bell, Managing Director, Allied Associates Geophysical Ltd. “Furthermore, we see growth opportunities across Europe for GPR-array solutions and ImpulseRadar shares our vision for developing this sector.

Learn more about Raptor

To arrange a demonstration of Raptor in the UK or Germany, please contact Allied Associates Geophysical via their respective website.

FCC Approval for CrossOver CO4080

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ImpulseRadar is pleased to announce that the CrossOver CO4080 has today received FCC approval, allowing us to market and sell this product in the United States.

We very much look forward to meeting the demand of US-based customers.

Visit the CrossOver product page here.